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About Us

Who We Are

We are a group of extremely dedicated individuals with a deep-seated love of promoting athletes. Our common goal is to showcase and promote athletes from youth to varsity to semi-pro in as many media outlets as possible.

Our story is short and sweet and very familiar to a lot of athletes and parents alike. Bleechr was created out of the frustration that way too many great athletes were being overlooked in favor of the "5 star" phenomenons. There are literally hundreds of thousands of athletes grinding around the country, yet all the attention goes to the handful of "stars".

Bleechr 1.0In 2010 we created Bleechr to showcase football players and show actual game stats that would prove that there are truckloads of talent to be had below the "Top 5". In many cases, no-name guys were outperforming the "stars" on a weekly basis. In 2014 we launched our social media campaign and in a short time we realized that athletes at every level, especially those not at skill positions and therefore would not collect stats, had an incredible thirst to be recognized for their hard work. Think we're kidding? Do a Google image search for "bleechr". We've been busy.

Taking that theme to heart, and discovering that the competition to be seen goes well beyond the local varsity level, in 2015 we expanded our reach to include Youth and Middle School athletes from across the country. Since then, we've been supporting and promoting athletes by providing the platform to make their dreamsa come true.

"If you're an athlete and want to be seen, you need to be on Bleechr."

We are not a recruiting service nor do we guarantee that college coaches our recruiters will be notified of your existence. There are far too many companies out there making lofty claims and falling short of those promises while collecting large fees. There is no substitute for self-promotion and a complete Bleechr profile is the #1 way to accomplish that.

We give every athlete in our system the opportunity to be recognized with all key measurables found in professional bios.


Build Your Profile. Live Your Dream.

Make a great, professional first impression.