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Here are a few question that may come up! Be ready to answer the questions and back them up with factual data. The answers are not right or wrong, but will be evaluated and will often come up to make sure they do not change in subsequent interviews.

I hope this helps those that plan to interview for a coaching position in the future! My answers were transcribed and put into text for the purpose of this article. When I read this transcript, I realize that I am a talker and never short on words. This may or may not work to your advantage in the interview, but I am a firm believer in being yourself at all costs. If you have to be fake; then what will it be like when you get the coaching position?


What position do you want to be considered?

I would like to be considered for Offensive Line Coach or Head Coach. I have experience with Running Backs, Defensive Backs, and Special Teams. My expertise is putting the conceptual framework together, getting the coaching staff on the same page, and implementing a game plan. 


What is your football coaching philosophy?

My philosophy is simple. The energy level on the field and on the sideline dictates play. I like to motivate players to achieve above and beyond their potential. This begins with the "RAW RAW" coach mentality, but is based on energy, intensity, and attitude. Discipline technique, execution, and accountability promote solidarity. Team Dynamic comes from assembling a coaching staff where each coach has a job on every play. This involves each position coach communicating with the OC or DC. Special Teams coach is potentially the most important given the ability to win or lose game with 1 good or bad play. Finally, I am a firm believer in the game of football is won or lost in the Trenches. The line play has to be systemic and based on solid technique. The running backs, Receiver's, and slots must respect the line guys and share the glory publicly.


What has been your most important accomplishment as a coach?

In 2016, Team Indiana separated from FBU tournament because the prior 3 years we made it to the final bracket only to play Reclassified players. I took a depleted roster with a few "Diamonds". As Head Coach I coached our "O" line and went into this tournament as a severe underdog without our #1 Running back. We were not supposed to win a game. The team ended up dominating Team Ohio, Team Iowa, and defeated Team N. TEXAS. This was basically strategy with a "Spread Buster Defense" that forced the N. TEXAS coaches to turn to a Pro-Set, which played into our Tampa 2 defensive strength which was a downhill safety that made 6 tackles on the RB behind the line of scrimmage.


What has been your biggest disappointment in coaching? List a few of your faults as coach and how they contributed to the disappointment.

My biggest fault as Head Coach came with allowing "A BOGART" coach to take my ability to motivate the players away. The coach would frown, scowl, and roll his eyes when I lectured the players about life lessons. I am a master motivator by nature and without this key component; my effectiveness was not 100%. The coach tried to take control on several occasions and eventually sabotaged the season. As I matured as a coach this type of situation has been addressed early on in the season to avoid conflict. Coaches often have ego and the confrontations are inevitable. As a coach; I avoid conflict and do not like drama. I assume the role of peace keeper and this is sometimes seen as a sign of weakness by others. 

What are your coaching goals? Short & Long Term

I want to recruit the very best athletes in Indiana and become a Powerhouse Football State. Right now there is only basketball in Indiana and I want to change that mentality and showcase the talent pool for the entire Nation to see. 

Short term I would like to open the media to the players in Indiana and get the student athletes recognition in the youth football world. I would like to start a football league and change the football culture in Indiana to mirror that of football power states like Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Texas


What are your strengths as a coach? List your top 3.

1. Positive Attitude 100% of the time during the BIG WINS or the BIG LOSSES

2. Holding myself as Head Coach accountable for WINS and LOSSES 100% of the TIME - Never Blame the kids for losing and give the players all the credit for winning. (HUMBLE...HUMBLE....HUMBLE)

3. I am organized from the morning meetings, film, practices, and warm ups. I believe that structure saves time and keeps the players, parents, and other coaches on task as opposed to wondering about what's next. 

4. I study the game and have the ability to use critical thinking skills to find a plan that maximizes the strengths of the coaches & players.


What are your weaknesses as a coach? List your top 3.

1. Too Nice - I don't like conflict, I don't avoid it, but often find myself having to check the staff & players that take advantage of my style (I LIKE KEEPING THINGS UPBEAT AND LIGHT UNTIL GAME TIME).

2. I like to run a clean system based on winning each play and don't like to add fluff to the game on the fly...

3. Need to focus on Special Teams more....Sometimes I feel guilty for not playing a kid and put him on special teams for PT

When your team encounters a problem, such as irritation with a teammate or a member of the coaching staff, how do you reach a good resolution? I will take control of the situation by reverting back to the "TEAM FIRST" mentality. I have all the coaches and players agree before the first practice to always remember the team comes first. Brotherhood...... I preach this everyday to the players, coaches, and this reinforces this when issues arise. "How do you look to the parents, fans, directors, scouts, and other teams. How will this look on your highlight tape? If you don't want this to be on film to show your mom, wife, grandma, or yourself then Squash it. We can handle it after we win. 
How do you go about conducting your first Parent Meeting and what do are some important items to go over with them? I am a real Expectations Coach. This is selling them that the "INVITE or Simply Making the TEAM" is most important. Every player is likely the best on their respective teams, but when you step into a competitive situation then practicing against the best is really the win for the player. Playing time is earned by coaches trusting the player and each minute is being examined. I stress keeping the players excited, praising them for making the cut, and trusting the coaches. The negative attitude from parents will influence the players ability to perform. 
What’s your Offensive and Defensive philosophy?

My defensive philosophy is dictated by the players. With the spread offenses of today, I like to use the 3-5 or stack 3 defense scheme. Most teams have more Line Backer types than they have true DL players. This allows 5 Line Backers and strict GAP PLAY. The defensive backs have 3 rules and are the fastest players on the field. If we don't have big NOSE and a back up of equal status. I use the 4-3 Base and mix up the defensive backfield often a Cover 3 with LB's Dropping at 45's on pass. This package is great if your MLB is solid to run a Tampa Cover 2 Defense. The safety is downhill and will be the show stopper because is in unblocked 99% of the time in youth football. Offensively..."Pro Set Base" and Spread RPO's (No Huddle) I like to control the Tempo and OC communicates plays to QB. If something works we continue to run this until they stop it. I like to install a simple Pro-Set, but implement "GOB" for the Line in this formation. Usually a Lead, Tackle Trap, and a Counter from the "I" "formation" will do the trick. I will also have a bootleg with a Run Pass Option. Base just to have this package for goaline and in case we need it. (3 Plays) If I have a mobile QB who is Smart, I like using the Spread and install 3 RPO's as the base. This looks like 50 plays but its all about the "PRE-SNAP READS" (2 Plays) I install basic inside and outside "Zone" run plays. Each Play has a "READ OPTION" (1 play) "Belly Option". This is like a Dive Play. The "Belly will have a LEAD & Trap Wrinkle from the Gun Spit Look". This will look like we are running 10 plays, but its option. I like using JUMBO package. DOUBLE TIGHT END/BIG FULL BACK/ BIG RUNNING BACK (If defense Cheats we score because we have pass options to TE and Wide out on every play. 

"I take the time to analyze the players and use my coaches find ways to score the "Rock". It's not a plan if it does not work. If it does not work it is not a plan. Plans that are not adaptable to diverse game situations is a plan to fail. If a coach only wants to do what he knows or what he is comfortable is not only limiting himself, but limiting player development",  (Cole, 2018).

How do you prepare your team for a game? I believe in systemic install process. 1. Individual - Play 1, Play 2, Play 3, Play 4, Play 5 example 2. Skilled players come together Plays 1-2-3-4-5 (Line Players Separate 1-2-3-4-5) 3. Team comes together and run 50% against bags, 75% bags, 100% Bags This works the same for the defense. This is a regimented install process and each position coach must understand the plays and operate within the time restraints. Once plays are installed then we simply repeat the process again at a faster pace, until its second nature. The players will receive a mini-play book by position. This will be Universal and establish accountability. The mental preparation is the key. The players must understand their role and commit to going 100% on every play. This builds confidence which transfers to game play. The final and most important part is coaches knowing the players and the use of a DEPTH CHART. The 1's, 2's, and 3's on every Offensive, Defensive, and Special Teams Set. They will carry this around and be held accountable to make substitutions according to this Depth Chart. 
How do you work with officials? What is your philosophy on the way that you treat them? I work with the officials and always give them respect for doing their jobs. One voice to the referee's is most important. Before the game explain who the Head Coach is and a problem occurs this will be the only voice they need to listen to. In all my years I have never been flagged, penalized, or kicked out of a contest. Games are not won or lost by one play. I believe the plays before the incident that place emphasis on the referee's call. It is the referee's call. 
Have ever been tossed from a game? If so, what did you do and what did you learn from it? I have never been tossed from a game, "Knock on wood". I have disputed calls, argued decisions, and disagreed with any and everything over the years. But, I try to represent the team and take the high road. One play should not decide a game mentality. Earning the respect of the players, fans, and opposition will likely help the with future calls. 
Why our organization Consider you as candidate to coach in one of our events

I have a ton of experience coaching the youth. I have a diverse offensive and defensive mind set, which allows me to install, implement, and execute a basic game plan that allows the athletes to play without having to think to much. I am professional in demeanor with a coach, player, and parent focus. 


Coach Cole 2018 

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