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Miquan Grace- #1 Safety In Ohio - Cincinnati's own  

Miquan Grace is a very talented safety that has the speed, size, technique, and football I.Q. to attract several Division 1 colleges. Grace is not just "Big Plays", "Big Stats", and "Big Hype"; grace has the poise of a seasoned veteran and handles the spotlight very well. This top recruit is humbled by all the attention and continues to train hard in and out of the classroom.
Grace is 6'0 feet tall and weighs 190 pounds which gives him the necessary size to compete at the collegiate level. The ability to make plays when they count has become his trademark and this makes Grace a true "Gamer". Miquan leads his Winton Woods High School team in interceptions. The ability to make reads in traffic, protect against the deep ball, and close on the speed guy's in space makes Grace stand out and compare to other top recruits.
When scouts look at a prospects profile and evaluate the full package; speed is alluring, valuable, and often intoxicating. The speed is a foundation for the ball skills and makes it easier to diagnose a play & recover on the fly. 
The football intelligence is often left unnoticed by football enthusiasts, but any football junkie understands that safeties often have to play different coverage from week to week or even change down by down. Miquan makes the transition seamless and lulls Q.B.'s to sleep by disguising or masking his coverage. The good safeties and top prospects have the ability to go into man  or fall into a zone set at the drop of a dime.
The film tells the tale and this safety is the total package. Grace will make any defensive coordinator happy with his game speed and shut down mentality. Miquan feels comfortable in a variety of packages and is familiar with all the defensive schemes used by defensive coordinators around the country. 


Cover 0: Man coverage- Possibly the most demanding physically. Players must communicate and avoid mismatches. The QB is often looking for these mismatches on his "Pre-Snap" read. 

Cover 1: Man coverage by the strong safety and corner, with the free safety roaming the field often feeling pressure underneath and over the top making decision making a must. Players must used mathematics, geometry, and intellect that involves critical thinking to master this coverage. 

Cover 2: The high safeties divide the field with zone coverage splitting the field in two halves. This is demanding and requires split second timing and discipline to avoid getting beat over the top. If a safety abandons his zone and bites down on the run then this spells disaster for a defense.  Corner backs play the flats in this coverage and often jam the receivers to avoid to disrupt the timing. 

Cover 3: Corner backs and free safety divide the field into deep third zone. In the cover three zone coverage, the strong safety checks the flat routes shallow, but has no deep responsibility. The rules often involve not getting beat over the top of your head, keeping everything in front of you, and forcing runners inside to the strength of the line backing core on the outside run plays. 

Cover 4: Corner backs and both safeties divide the field into 4 equal quarters and play zone coverage. This is often used on passing downs to avoid the deep threat and to increase the numbers. This is the only coverage besides Cover 0 that will work against 4 vertical routes. 

When we talk about safety play it's important to consider his ability to close down on the run game. The term downhill safety often puts a player in a category that indicates he may or may not be able to stop the pass, but plays well against the run. The downhill safety may also be categorized as a "linebacker" in disguise by defensive coordinators. Grace to wears number #4 and plays like he is wearing #1.
Grace accepts the responsibility of covering the pass, but separates from the pack by leading the defensive back core with 87 tackles in his junior year alone.
Grace has offers from U.C, Kentucky, Ball State, Maryland, and Central Michigan. He has been on several visits as of late including a visit to Indiana University this past week. Miquan has unlimited potential and is committed to put in the effort, energy, and overall work that it takes to progress mentally and physically. "I am just trying to get better everyday".
University of Akron Alumni, Tyler Williams, said, "Grace has the size and skill set to play anywhere in America as long as he continues to put in work". 
Miquan Grace plans on making several visits this summer and will hopefully narrow down his options for colleges and commit before going into his senior season.
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Marcus Cole - Commissioner Indiana Select Youth Football League
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