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USA Select NYFL, setting the bar for the highest level of youth football outside of High School Varsity. All players must have a State issued Identification Card to participate.


Military Dependent ID Card or Valid U.S. Passport are also accepted as proof of identity and age.

USA SELECT YOUTH FOOTBALL LEAGUE- Is the only league in the nation with a designated television outlet. This is just the beginning and this continues to build momentum. 

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Here are a few question that may come up! Be ready to answer the questions and back them up with factual data. The answers are not right or wrong, but will be evaluated and will often come up to make sure they do not change in subsequent interviews.

I hope this helps those that plan to interview for a coaching position in the future! My answers were transcribed and put into text for the purpose of this article. When I read this transcript, I realize that I am a talker and never short on words. This may or may not work to your advantage in the interview, but I am a firm believer in being yourself at all costs. If you have to be fake; then what will it be like when you get the coaching position?


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Why do I coach youth football?

That is a great question and to be quite honest it changes depending on my mood. The picture below shows my  "All Pro Dads" in Canton Ohio 2018. This group of Dads/coaches were yet another reason I like to coach. The group was not only composed of monster athletes, but these dads appreciated the fact that I listened to their suggestions. This is a part of my philosophy of coaching. I do not know it all, I will never claim to know it all, and finally I am all ears when the dads offer suggestions. The team is better when there is an open forum to ideas. This has won big games for me in the past and I thank all my dads for coming to me with plays, formations, position concerns, and most of all scouting reports. There is nothing better to a dads analogy of the other team. Some coaches do not invite the feedback, but I request this and will take every comment to heart. 

These dads ran the opposing teams offense like champs and I was the QB. When it was game time the boys  were in the Zone from the first snap. Dad's are always welcome to call, text, email, and IM me anytime. I will openly discuss any concerns they have and most often help with recruiting. I always tell the student athletes they are lucky to have a dad or a father figure of any nature in their life. Parenting is not a right of passage and all the dad's deserve a pat on the back for raising these young men to do right. If a student athlete does not have a father figure 9 chances out of 10 one of the other men step into this role during the season by taking them under their wing as a mentor. This is yet another reward of coaching youth football. 





I like to teach and learn at the same time. I always take time to get a diverse staff that will stimulate learning. For example each year I make a concerted effort to get an older coach than myself. "Old School" and the experience they exude forces me to take a step back, observe, and reflect on the knowledge they bring to the table. I also like to get a young coach with relevant playing experience. The young guns always seem to bring something new to table. 


Team Work

I enjoy getting the team motivated and pumped up. As I have matured as a coach; this gets easier. I do not like flat "Soda Pop". I refuse to lose a game because we are going through the motions. If you leave a two liter of pop on the counter with no top overnight the pop loses its fizz. I will not allow our team to lose the intensity and go flat. This is not an exception. The first year with a team, I may be considered a "RAW RAW" coach. This is a must in certain situations to avoid the let downs and lack of intensity. The second year the players often assume the role of motivator, chant leader, and take this to another level. Then my role as a coach changes and I often find myself trying to calm the players down when the game is over. The teamwork is another major joy for me as a coach. I enjoy each player and have respect for all the players. I like to set a super high goal and push them to work together as a unit to achieve. Once they buy in then the next phase is getting them to believe 100% that they can not, will not, and do not have any give up period. 

Youth Tackle Football 2018

Coaching is fun... 

Coaching is fun and let's me get out of my shell and enjoy myself. I like the comic relief and keep it light until the kickoff. I try to not be serious all the time, I don't complain about anything except a lack of effort. I am always having fun and will never let this aspect of coaching slip from my grasp. When the game gets to serious to laugh I will likely step down. 


2017 Clowning around at home in my "SG" Helmet. I wore this mowing the lawn and slept in it 3-4X- Coaching keeps you young!


My rough draft Coaching Bio- From 2017 article and posted on Youth1 website:

My name is Marcus Cole and I am currently Head Coach of Team Indiana Football. I have a Masters Degree in Education and another in Psychology. I use this in every aspect of my personal, professional, and educational life. I employ many tactics to motivate, inspire, and further promote players to achieve goals that may be above and beyond their own expectations. I started playing youth football in Indianapolis Indiana for Tabernacle (Tab) and basically fell in love with the sport. I was not the biggest, fastest, or strongest player at any level, but was able to perform at a high level because of my knowledge of the game. This knowledge allowed me to get to spots, anticipate, and control the opposition with my mind as a driving force. I was most valuable player at Bloomington High School South in Bloomington Indiana my senior year. During high school I had the privilege of playing for two hall of fame coaches. Coach Enright and Coach Moriarity. Both of these legendary Indiana High School football coaching legends believed in my abilities and gave an undersized running back a chance to run the ball. I made the most of my opportunities and held down my position by outworking every contender.

The pictures below are of high school teammate Curt Mallory who's father was Head Coach of Indiana University when I was in school. 




After High School I could have played some D3 ball,  but even though I was a glutton for punishment, I decided to go to college and get a job instead. When I was 21 I had gained some weight, packed on a ton more muscle, and joined a Semi-Pro Football Team for 3 seasons as a defensive back and slot back. I then started coaching at a youth organization and won my first championship at any level,  as a coach! Years went by and I had moved to Florida and then back again to Indiana. This is where my coaching passion really started to manifest. My oldest son was 7 years old and my youngest just turned 5 and they started playing in I-9 Sports (Flag Football). I was just a dad, supporting, never complaining, and providing tips to my boy's on the long ride home. I really wanted to be the parent I would like if I were coaching. I saw my son's getting beat every week and not by just a touchdown. Their team got beat by 20, 30, and even one game by 50 points. I kept coaching them up in the yard and motivating them to get better and avoid the big let down.

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Team Indiana Select 2018 

This off-season has been busy with our coaching staff making trips to Las Vegas, Alabama, and Canton Ohio. We are committed to deliver the best experience possible for the families that choose to participate in "Elite" Middle School Football.

Indiana Select Youth Football League also made it's debut with two organizations participating in the inaugural "USA SELECT" Spring Season. The participating organizations included Lawrence Township Football League and the EFD Seminoles. The 11U Champions advanced to San Antonio in May and won the Spring Championships bringing home the trophy to Indiana. 

We have solidified our coaching staff for all three divisions. We have put together a great cast of dedicated, motivated, and pumped up youth football coaches. The goal is to recruit the best of the best talent from every corner of the state and we have done a great job this off-season. We have invited players from Fort Wayne, Michigan City, Columbus, Bedford, Bloomington, and have gotten tremendous buy in from the city. We have attracted  talented true youth football coaches with the experience and knowledge we desperately need to compete against the likes of California, Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina.  Coach Bradley and I have tried to eliminate the borders for the last 3 plus years. This dream has finally started to really take shape.

Coach Cole's - youth football experience  

When I started playing football as a "Bobble Head" Pee Wee player in the late 70"s; I played for Tabernacle (Tab) and attended school #86. I lived in the Butler Tarkington area and did not have the opportunity to play out of state or break outside the neighborhood to experience the national competition. In 5th grade I moved to Bloomington Indiana and participated in the Boy's Club League, Pop Warner, and the Parks & Recreation start up leagues. This was the limit of youth football and unlike football states like Texas; the thought of traveling or a "National Championship" were not even a dream at that point. 

When I began coaching out of High School I was still unaware of travel football, Select Football, Elite Football, and was basically ostracized by the board of MYFL (local MT Vernon) league for taking our 3rd grade All Stars to the Ben Davis Classic. Our team was beaten by the Tabernacle Cowboys, Ben Davis Giants,  and the Pike Red Devils. The experience however was amazing because this group was exposed to talent, speed, and a new brand of football. The boys still remember this experience and many of them still reflect on that tournament as a positive. 

I continued to motivate, inspire, and promote energy/passion while developing my coaching style/philosophy. I am proud to be the only Head Coach in the state to coach multiple winning seasons with FBU, Team Indiana, and now with Indiana Select. 

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I am a youth football advocate for a variety of reasons. My main motivation is to teach the young student athletes valuable lessons about life in general. One of the most important is teaching a student athlete how to prepare for the game mentally and physically.

The other is how to handle the good, the bad, and the ugly part of the game. I believe a player must have pride, passion, energy, and motivation to compete in any sport. A very common error is to teach the thrill of the hunt without explaining that once the hunt is over we still have a job to do.

If we win then the result is victory and if we lose then we must live with the loss as well. There is no right or wrong and coaches have their own philosophies and this article is my conceptual framework for teaching players to win the right way.  

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This has been a fantastic year for youth football and it's just getting started. After winning the Pro Football Hall Of Fame Academy - Youth Football National Championship as Head Coach for Team Indiana 7th Grade there was just enough time to recuperate; then it was 2018. 

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