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Ground-Breaking Female Football Combine A Huge Hit

When it comes to football combines, girls will no longer have to take a backseat.

Last Saturday at Ives Park in North Miami-Dade, it was indeed girls’ day on the football field as a ground-breaking event took place - as the first ever Bleechr.com Female Football Combine was held.

What had long been exclusively for the boys, who have been looking for ways to improve and learn the game, looking toward a future career at the collegiate level, is now being shared with the girls.

Inaugural Female Football Camp Combine Is Coming

When it comes to girls’ flag football, there has been plenty done to elevate the sport over the years. But on August 10th, the playing field will certainly change.

What has been reserved over the past two decades for the boys, who play football, combines are now reaching a different market. A market that is ready to join this inclusive showcase.

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