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westminster christian vs marathon

The Westminster Christian football team beat Marathon High school, 37-0 at Westminster’s home field on Saturday afternoon. They did not have any chunk, solo home run explosive plays but made many solid plays and played like an undefeated team.

An example was late in the first half, on a tipped punt return by Nicholas Ordenes, he faked to the right and then darted to the left. Automatically, he had downfield blockers creating a lane for him and he almost scored, getting pushed out at the 10. Several plays later, they ran in for the score.  It was All-Alumni weekend at the school and the atmosphere of Chief pride was on display. There were happy faces all around—a balance of new and old students, faces brightening at seeing old friends, group conversations between parents about their kids and/or telling stories.

The Dolphin offense had moments during the game—Their quarterback, Jackson McDonald, is 6’ 4”, 220 lbs and was one of their best runners. The Dolphins offensive attack involved using McDonald and their other star player, Jamaal Qualls, to grind out runs and wear down the defense into mistakes. On several drives, Marathon drove down the field, pushing the Chiefs’ defense between the 20 yard markers. On their best of the day, McDonald showed his running and passing ability making great plays to move into Chiefs territory. But when it appeared that they were going to get into scoring position, the defense stiffened and picked off McDonald, returning the ball down into the red zone.

Westminster took advantage of Marathon mistakes all game and capitalized.  The Dolphins appeared overwhelmed but will get more wins than losses this season with their senior led team. Westminster goes away to play Florida Christian this coming Friday while Marathon hosts Coral Shores.

Eric Labrador
Eric Labrador is a freelance High School Football writer for The Examiner and Bleechr contributor.

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