Talent is just part of the equation. A complete profile is key to marketing yourself as a true Student-Athlete.

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bleechr how to email coachesSeems like every year the recruiting process starts earlier and earlier. Waiting until your senior year is not advised as many athletes around the country are getting a jump start via email. College camps and combines are a great way to gauge your measureables and meet coaches, but you simply can't travel the nation and see everybody; the same applies to coaches.

In an effort to commit top recruits, colleges are recruiting and offering scholarships to athletes from as early as the 8th and 9th grade. NCAA rules prohibit coaches from initiating contact with a recruit before their junior year of high school, HOWEVER they can communicate with a potential recruit if the athlete contacts them first.

Below are general guidelines to make sure your message comes through clearly and respectfully. There are also a few samples provided to get you started.

First impressions are vitally important. Even in an email.

The email you send to a coach should be treated as important as if you were meeting face-to-face. You want to genuinely show the coach you have researched their college and their football program. You need to come across as having the potential to not only be a great football player, but also an asset as a student-athlete to the university. Grammar, complete sentences and a clear and concise message will cut through the hundreds of emails and set you apart from the crowd.


General Guidelines

Bleechr Recruiting

Personalize your message

If your email looks like an automated, template-style message it will most likely be deleted as junk mail. College coaches receive hundreds of emails each week and it's easy for them to tell pretty quickly when an athlete has taken the time to write them a personalized message or if someone is using a form letter. Just changing the name of the coach and school is not as clever as you think.


Bleechr Recruiting

Always include your contact information

If you are initiating communication before the college coach is allowed to respond to your email, they will also need your coaches contact information. They will almost always reach out to them first to show they are interested in you before contacting you directly. Chain of command is followed very closely in recruiting, so always provide your coaches information especially in the early stage of the recruiting process


Bleechr Recruiting

Keep it short and simple

Coaches aren't looking for your life's story. They need to know a few things right off the bat;

Who you are, what you play, how you play and where are you located.

Coaches don’t expect you to be college-ready from the first email. There is no need to give details about every stat and award you've had in the past three years.


Bleechr Recruiting

Let them know where you're playing

It would be easy to assume that coaches can go watch you play at your local stadium or field, however it is more likely they'll have the travel schedule to perhaps attend later in the season and even off-season. Playoffs, All-Star games, tournaments and showcases are usually when college coaches make their rounds. Keep in mind that by the time college coaches start traveling they will already have a list of athletes they want to watch at a tournament or showcase. Coaches usually don’t attend events in hopes of discovering new talent.

Last but not least, include a link to your Bleechr profile. Having ALL your information in one location is critical to showing the complete Student-Athlete to prospective college coaches, scouts and recruiters.

"I Want to Play College Football!"

Bleechr What Are You Doing to Get Recruited

What Are YOU Doing to Get Recruited?

Contrary to popular belief, being seen and getting recruited takes time and dedication.

Talent is just part of the equation.

A complete profile is key to marketing yourself as a true Student-Athlete



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