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Our Mission Statement and Purpose

The core mission at conception for Airo Nation was to provide a regional and national platform for top football players to showcase their skill and ability against other top athletes through the 7v7 stage, through leagues and tournaments to national 7v7 competitions. Airo Nation has been the leader in providing the best of 7v7 events in Florida and in other states across the country. The state of Florida has been a leader in the 7v7 world with Airo helping develop the fast and exciting 7v7 style creating national 7v7 standards and programs which Airo has extended into other states. Airo has become the national leader in this exciting world of 7v7.

All of Airo Nation events are well planned, organized and executed. At every Airo Nation event we provide a quality experience for today’s top athlete and parent. The founders and management team at Airo Nation come from years of football development that extend from youth to the NFL. We have created national events such as the U.S. Army Bowl on NBC for the nation’s top preps, the U.S. Army National Combine for the nation’s top underclassmen and the reality show “The Ride” (MTV2, Fox Sports and NBC Sports Network). Airo Nation have also created the nation’s biggest youth platforms through the Eastbay National Youth All-Star Games and from these experiences and events we understand the elite athlete and his world.

But beyond its national event portfolio and rich football experience, Airo Nation mission is to provide a safe environment for all athletes. The founders of Airo Nation understand that athlete safety and eligibility are important elements of the athlete experience. We value our athletes, their parents and coaches, and we understand that their future is bound to their good health and reputation. At Airo Nation we do all that we can to safeguard each athlete’s experience and their promising future.

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Most importantly, Airo Nation brings national college exposure to its athletes. The recruiting game is getting younger and younger. Colleges want information on the top prep underclassmen and top middle school scholars. Through its vast relationships with the on-line recruiting world and hundreds of colleges. Airo Nation events attract the nation’s top recruiters, key decision makers, national media, and the organizations that evaluate the nation’s top athletes and report directly to the colleges. Airo Nation will do all we can to provide the maximum college exposure at our premier events to help our athletes pursue their dreams of playing college football.

Once called the “off-season”, elite football players from across the country turn to 7v7 every year from January to July. No longer considered the “off-season”, these months have turned into “The Season” as top athletes and teams compete to get ranked, both regionally and nationally, and to receive exposure before the major college football programs.

From the youth and prep football fields to the NFL stadiums, the sport of football has dramatically changed from a run-oriented game into a passing-dominated game. 7v7 football, once considered an off-season method to simply refine ability for skilled athletes, collided with these larger “pass first” phenomena. As a result, the 7v7 world became the premier and most exciting platform to test and evaluate today’s “skilled” athlete.

7v7 is grounded in the passing game and allows skilled athletes on both sides of the ball to develop and showcase their elite skill in that important environment. 7v7 offers skilled athletes the chance to showcase that skill on every play since they are afforded multiple repetitions throughout the game and multiple games per day. In one weekend at the typical 7v7 tournament an athlete can compile a larger and more relevant body of work for college coaches unlike traditional 11 on 11 football. Since the 7v7 world attracts top talent, devoted to year-round football. The athletes compete against better talent more consistently versus the talent featured in the traditional football season. In one weekend of 7v7 play, an athlete may see better competition than in all of the traditional season. The cream rises to the top through 7v7 unlike any other style of football across the country.

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